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Blossom Staffing is a full service center for Employers and Employees. Our services add value to your staffing goals by helping you to maximize your time, money, and efforts so you can concentrate on your goals and growth.

We have the resources to select the most qualified applicants to meet your needs. We are not only in the office, but we are on-site, at any location, and fully prepared to handle all employee situations in person. Each candidate has been tested for their initiative and suitability and if not successfully placed, will on behalf of our clients advertise, interview and select candidates for a reasonable placement fee

Blossom Staffing Solutions is a Johannesburg based staffing firm located in Bryanston.  We pride ourselves in providing quality permanent and temporary placements. Our recruiters and staff are well trained to assist in any short or long term assignments. Whether you are an employer seeking to fill a position or a candidate seeking employment, we are here to provide results.

Our high-touch, service-oriented approach has been a refreshing change to the industry. We take pride on developing highly customized relationships with clients so that they can find the right employee matches for any and all employment

needs.  We have set a new standard for the “boutique” approach to staffing. Our work model is time-intensive, specifically tailored to clients’ specific needs, and all-encompassing to provide the highest quality experience.


Dynamic business challenges require dynamic approaches to talent. How will your talent strategies enable your company’s success? We’re here to help.




People are at the core of every company’s success. That’s what drives us.

Our Candidates – Our goal is to help you take your career to new heights. We build relationships with top employers to create opportunities that help you grow and make an impact. We support you and we help you succeed. We provide benefits that help you thrive. We give you the experience and respect you want and deserve.

Our Client – We help you solve your business challenges so you can succeed. Whether you need people, specific workforce solutions, or end-to-end project management services, Blossom Staffing has the experience and expertise to help you.

Our Student – We offer Call Centre training for 2 weeks duration. Certificate issued at the end of the course and guaranteed job placement.


Finally, we’re powered by an internal team of professionals who are highly engaged and motivated to make a positive impact on everyone our business touches.                                            

Payroll Administrators – Our payroll outsourcing service provides clients with a quality service that is designed to meet our Client’s specific needs. We provide a payroll service for weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll cycles, including a comprehensive breakdown per employee. We also provide a comprehensive tax year end function including all the statutory employer and employee information. Our Outsourcing services will ensure that your payroll remains confidential and that all taxation is handled in line with current legislation.

Our clients can recruit candidates and include them on the Blossom Staffing payroll, in order to eliminate the administrative burden and high costs associated with the hiring process.


Your best connection to opportunities. 

At Blossom Staffing, we recognize that our applicants are our most valued resource.

We take the time to truly understand your professional aspirations to help you reach your career goals. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent role, let us be your connection.

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Blossom Staffing is recognized for our outstanding service to each and every one of our clients.

We specialize in Temporary & Permanent Staffing, Contract Hire, Customized Staffing Solutions, and Payroll Services. With our experiences and long standing relationships with our clients we have gained a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the local job market.

Our clients benefit from our ability to connect to a diverse group of experienced, qualified and dedicated applicants. With a constant influx of new talent. Drawing from this exceptional network enables us to select the highest caliber candidates to fit your business and culture.

With our experiences and long standing relationships with our clients we have gained a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the local job market.